DIY Lip Gloss

DIY Lip Gloss
Do you remember those roll-on lip gloss bottles from when we are kids? I have fond memories of applying all of the different fun flavors. Of course I knew nothing about the safety of ingredients in beauty products back then.

While the initial purchase of natural beauty ingredients may seem a bit steep, they go a long way, can be used in many DIY recipes, and the cost of each roll-on lip gloss bottle is very inexpensive.

Some great flavors for your lip gloss are:
    •    Ylang Ylang and Geranium 
    •    Bergamot and grapefruit
    •    Peppermint and lavender
    •    Cinnamon orange (cinnamon is great for lip plumping)
    •    Spearmint

Supplies (for each roller bottle)
    •    1 roller bottle
    •    2 teaspoons fractionated coconut oil
    •    2-3 drops vitamin E oil
    •    3-4 drops essential oil

  1. Most roller bottles come with the top plastic piece/roller ball separate from the bottle, but if it doesn't, carefully pull yours off by sliding you thumb nail between the plastic and the glass
  2.  Add essential oil and vitamin E drops to the roller bottle 
  3. Add fractionated coconut oil (or your favorite carrier oil) until roller bottle is almost full. Leave some room for the cap. 
  4. Replace the top of the roller bottle securely, then apply the cap
These roller bottles can be cleaned, sanitized and reused, and they are super simple to fill!